WWI Soldier’s Daughter to Speak About Peace

Head and shoulders photo of Judy Hassall

Judy Hassall

This Sunday in Sydney a human rights champion will be talking about her lifetime of work and how she was influenced in this work by her father, a veteran from World War I.

If you are in Sydney tomorrow morning I encourage you to attend.

Judy Hassall is the daughter of Archie Barwick whose wartime service has recently featured on the ABC television series, The War That Changed Us. Archie Barwick returned to Australia and lived a full life in northern New South Wales. He was more than a valiant soldier and expressive diarist. He helped to create a vibrant family and gave to his community. Judy Hassall is part of his legacy.

As I have written previously Judy has had a big impact on many lives, including mine. She used what she learned from her parents to spend a life time working to foster intercultural harmony and shining a light on human rights abuses.

Speech is her medium. She commands the room with her eloquent and clearly enunciated words. Her sense of humour is great, but frivolous she is not.

I urge you to take the opportunity to hear Judy speak in person. She will be speaking at the information centre at the Baha’i Temple on Mona Vale Road, Ingleside at noon. If you wish you can also attend the interfaith service in the Baha’i Temple prior to her talk.

Judy’s talk is free, as is the Temple service. The Baha’is welcome people of all beliefs to come together for the International Day of Peace. What better time is this to demonstrate that not only is it possible for all cultures to interact peacefully, but people are eager to do so?

I would love to attend but cannot because I am in Singapore. I hope that someone will be there to live-tweet Judy’s talk and blog about it.


Interfaith Service: 11am, Sunday 21st September
Talk by Judy Hassall: 12 noon
Location: Baha’i Temple, 173 Mona Vale Road, Ingleside

Further details: Australian Baha’i Community website

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