Papers and Great History Websites Shared at #OzHA2017

Sunset over water

Conference participants took lots of photos of the beautiful Newcastle sunsets they saw. This photo was taken by Natalie Fong.

Some great online history resources were shared by historians tweeting the recent Australian Historical Association conference (#OzHA2017). I have trawled through a lot of links to bring to you some of the useful and interesting history resources that caught my eye.

Conference Papers

Several presenters have very generously shared their conference papers online:

Blogging the Conference

Tweeting a conference is great, but blogging a conference adds depth that is hard to convey in a series of 140 character tweets. I have not found any blog posts about the conference written during the event, but some have been written after the conference:

I will add to this list if any other posts are written in the next few weeks.


The conference saw the premiere of a new Australian history website, the introduction of a new search facility on another, and the sharing of some very good Australian history resources:

History Blogs

Relevant blog posts were shared during the conference. Instead of listing each post, I thought I would list the blogs shared and leave it to you to browse through the posts:

Conference Sessions Storified

Over the last week I have collected the abstracts, brief biographies and tweets about some of the presenters and their sessions. Instead of dumping all these in one gigantically long Storify, I have divided them up into readable stories which I hope you will find interesting and useful. Today I published one on the Digital History sessions.

Keynotes and Plenaries

Concurrent Sessions:


I have not been able to look at every link that was shared during the conference, but I have looked at quite a few of them. If you think I have missed a good resource shared during the conference, please let me know.

And while you are here, why not have a look at Stumbling Through History Links, my directory of over 200 useful history resources for people researching Australian history. I am hoping to eventually set it up as a separate website, but for the time being, you can Ctl + F to find some useful stuff!


Further Reading and Resources

This is the fourth in a series of posts about the 2017 Australian Historical Association Conference. Read the others:

You can still access some resources about the 2017 Australian Historical Association conference:

I have been blogging about conferences since 2012:

4 thoughts on “Papers and Great History Websites Shared at #OzHA2017

  1. I am editing the History Carnival this July and August, and wondered if you would like to nominate the best posts that have appeared in any of your favourite history blogs, including your own. Perhaps your readers have a favourite history post to nominate as well.

    The nomination form is at
    Helen Webberley


    • The History Carnival is a great way of sharing quality blog posts about a vast array of history. Good on you for editing the next one! I’ll definitely nominate some posts and I hope others do too.


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