Review Policies

DSCN9736HC1 My bookshelvesThis blog is not a dedicated reviewing blog so I only review a very limited number and type of books and exhibitions.  The following policies explain what I will review and how I approach reviewing.


  1. I only review certain histories and biographies.  Don’t assume that because I’m into history I’m willing to review all histories!  There are very few memoirs that interest me and I don’t read biographies of celebrities.  Always send me an email (perkinsy1 at gmail dot com) to check whether I’m interested in reviewing your history or biography.
  2. Please do not send me fiction to review.  While I sometimes read fiction I very, very rarely review it. I have a strong dislike for most historical fiction.
  3. Please do not send me unsolicited books to review.  Always send me an email to perkinsy1 at gmail dot com, to check whether I am interested in reviewing the book.  I will not feel obliged to read or review any unsolicited book I receive, neither will I feel obliged to keep it on my shelves.  Please save your money and email me first.
  4. I review a book as I see it.  Do not expect a favourable review because you have sent me a review copy.  However, I hate meanness in reviews and object to putting down someone’s work in a bid to ‘entertain’ my readers.  I endeavour to be fair in my reviews, but as always what is ‘fair’ is a subjective thing.
  5. I always have a pile of books that I want to read and an order that I want to read them in.  If I accept your review copy I will keep in mind your wish to have it reviewed sooner than later, but this may not always be possible.  If the timing of the review is important to you we can discuss it when you email me (perkinsy1 at gmail dot com).  If I commit to a date to review a book I will stick to it (subject to forces out of my control).
  6. If I have received a review copy of a book, I will disclose the source of that book.


  1. Please email me at perkinsy1 at gmail dot com, if you would like me to review an exhibition.
  2. I only review exhibitions about aspects of history which interest me.  To understand the kind of thing that interests me read the reviews of books and exhibitions I have already posted on this blog.  Email me at perkinsy1 at gmail dot com to discuss this further.
  3. I visit exhibitions and write reviews in my limited spare time, hence I can only review a small number of exhibitions.  Unfortunately, I may have to decline a visit to an exhibition that interests me just because I don’t have time to do it justice.
  4. I will endeavour to be fair in my reviews, however fairness is a very subjective thing so it may not accord with your opinion.
  5. If I have received free tickets to an exhibition I will disclose that in my review. Please don’t expect a favourable review because you have sent me free tickets.  However, I always endeavour to give a fair review (see 4 above).
  6. I am based in Sydney but travel to Canberra and Melbourne every now and then.  I enjoy visiting interesting exhibitions while I’m travelling so I may review your exhibition in Canberra or Melbourne if it happens to coincide with my existing travel plans.

To sum up: if you want a book or exhibition reviewed your first step should be to email me at perkinsy1 at gmail dot com.

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