“An Unforgettable Inspiration”

Mural on classroom wall depicting a Roman behind four prancing horses

Mural created by a student in Mr Mulley's classroom

“You are an unforgettable inspiration” wrote a year 12 student on the wall of Mr Mulley’s classroom in 2008.

At the end of last year Mr Mulley retired after teaching history at Killarney Heights High School for 32 years.  Mr Mulley is a standout teacher.  He is passionate about history, expects high standards of himself as well as of his students and, most importantly, he cares deeply about his students.

The walls of Mr Mulley’s classroom are testament to the effect that Mr Mulley had on his students.  One year some students wanted to record their appreciation for his teaching and painted some murals in his classroom.  The photo above shows what you see when you first open his classroom door.  Surrounding the murals are messages scrawled on the wall by his year 12 students upon leaving school.  A student in year ten commented recently, “the paintings and writings on the wall proved how much other students loved him and thought greatly of him as a teacher.”  She added that they “gave the room a really warm, homey [feel] and sense of community within the classroom.”  I am not sure whether these paintings and comments will be retained so just in case I took a copious number of photos of the classroom at the end of last year.  Continue reading