During my time at university I have noticed how much historical knowledge is generated in the academy but is difficult for the general public to access.  I have written essays arguing that it is  important that historians share their learning with the public and engage the public in historical enquiry.  If I had left these and other historical thoughts in coursework essays I would have also been guilty of failing to share my work outside the university, as well as committing the sin of hypocrisy.

This blog is part of my commitment to share what I have learned with anyone who is interested, but it goes further than that.  Web 2.0 is about interaction, not static pages.  Yes, there is much learning in the academy but there is also a lot to learn from so many other people.  Family history is booming, people love reading biographies and many are engaged in activities ranging from historical re-enactments, local history to histories of organisations such as clubs and places of worship.  Everyone has their own life story which includes knowledge of the past.  I have much to learn from all this.

Web 2.0 is about listening as well as imparting.  It is about collaboration and sharing.  I hope that this site will contribute to this ethos.  Please feel free to share your observations and knowledge on these pages.

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